If we call the Making changes in the … But, the location of the declaration determines the extent of a variable's visibility within the PHP program i.e. It can take input as argument list and return value. Recursion is an alternative to iteration. PHP Parameterized Function. They are specified inside the parentheses, after the function name. In the following example we specify the return type for the function: You can specify a different return type, than the argument types, but make The PHP header() function send a HTTP header to a client or browser in raw form. In the following example we try to send both a number and a string to the Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. A function can return a value back to the script that called the function using the return statement. declaration: The strict declaration forces things to be used in the intended way. Function overloading and overriding is the OOPs feature in PHP. They are "saved for later use", and will be executed later, when they are called. As we seen in our first example. The following example demonstrates how a recursive function works. You can call this function "anywhere" in your php code as
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