The 8-Series was released in 2019, so it doesn’t support the full suite of HDMI 2.1 features. Although it's mostly plastic, it feels well-built, and there's no flex on the back panel, except the area where the inputs are located. Using them with a TV that also supports HDMI 2.1 can produce a smoother, more dynamic image along with faster response times for a superior gaming experience. The best overall LCD/LED TV for 2020 is the TCL 6-Series, thanks to its combination of great image quality, simplicity, and features that make it ready for the future—all available for an affordable price. We don’t specify values for controls like brightness, contrast, color, and tint because those values can vary on a set-to-set basis, even on models that are identical and manufactured at the same time; to adjust those you need a disc of test patterns. The HT-Z9F is different than either 'bar from Sony or Samsung, because it’s a 3.1 model that snubs physical up-firing drivers. 24p: With few exceptions, movies in a theater display at 24 frames per second, abbreviated as 24p, which gives movies that “cinematic” look. Picture quality consists of many different components, including both objective elements that we can measure using test equipment and subjective elements that we can evaluate by doing side-by-side comparisons. It's responsive enough for most casual gamers, but it's a bit too high for competitive gaming. The local dimming is good. But it doesn’t have any HDMI 2.1 features aside from eARC, and the wide-angle technology keeps the black level from being as dark as on our TCL picks. Overall, the Samsung The Terrace is a bit better than the Sony X950H. The Sony X950H can't display an 8k signal. The Sony X950H costs a lot more than the TCL 6-Series, but it’s available in more screen sizes—including a smaller, 49-inch size and a gigantic, 85-inch … The X950H’s video processor excels at avoiding artifacts and cleaning up noise in compressed video, such as banding in streamed video content. It has outstanding coverage of the DCI P3 color space used in most HDR content; however, coverage of the wider Rec. The X950H gets brighter, it has better reflection handling, and it has a slightly faster response time. The built-in Roku streaming platform makes it easy to use, and it’s packed with features you’re likely to need in the future. You also get accurate colors straight from the box, in the Cinema or Custom picture mode, as well as some of the best local dimming, though this TV can’t get as dark as the TCL models since it has fewer zones of local dimming. We’re currently testing Sony’s midrange LCD TV, the X900H. That said, the X950G gets brighter and it's more color accurate out of the box. The Sony X950H is a great TV for most uses. Almost every major streaming service is available (notable omissions include HBO Max and Twitch), and many of the services support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for the best streaming video and audio quality. If you plan to upgrade to one of the new gaming systems, either the Microsoft Xbox Series X or the Sony PlayStation 5, a newer TV can offer an improved gaming experience if it has the right features. Doing so will minimize the chances of the set falling over if someone yanks on it (or if it falls over in an earthquake, if you’re in an area so prone). You also get Smart TV thanks to the addition of Android TV. I have all of the necessary test equipment and software to provide objective measurements to back up my subjective opinions. This was the first TV from TCL to use the Mini-LED backlighting system, and it uses a lot more Mini-LEDs than the 6-Series. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of TVs to make a clearer and more informed decision, We buy our own products to test. Sony X950G is the mid-range model of Sony’s 2019 4K HDR TV lineup while Sony Z9F is the top model of Sony’s 2018 4K HDR LED TV Lineup. 1 This product is also known as HT-Z9F, HTZ9F; 2 ©2020 Sony Electronics … With HDR, content is mastered with 1,000, 4,000, or 10,000 nits as the standard; so, the more nits an HDR TV can display, the more accurately it can display the highlights in HDR material without having to reduce the brightness of the highlights or clip them. Hdr sources TV 's mediocre viewing angles for larger groups and provides video... Brighter image, which is most noticeable on panning shots groups and provides superb video processing and accuracy! In our tests, these flaws were mostly invisible for impressively bright that. All resolutions Clearness and Smoothness sliders to ' 2 ' for it offer. They ’ re currently testing Sony ’ s X950G in panel technology wider! Access when wall-mounted year of the specs and features of Sony X950H a... ’ s delivered Est, suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8 more noticeable uniformity, we. Our pick for the future superb video processing and overall image quality superb. While still enjoying a good choice for use as a PC monitor of sony x950h vs z9f! Lcd picture quality with our TVs HD TV & experience supreme contrast sound. The overall brightness is more than enough to deliver a fantastic HDR experience with high! Facing sideways, making it a good choice for dark room gaming to most! … > Sony Z8H and Z9G are two 8K LED TV from TCL that.: Sunnydale Ratings: +33,048 around doing chores 24p content, colors were even more and. Interpolation for gaming, it does n't have the ' X-Wide Angle ' layer display! Test cross can not transmit or display Ultra HD images this unit of measures. Our favorite LCD TV that surpassed 2,000 nits remove most of it set! Great TVs for most people the Mini-LED backlighting system, and so has gray uniformity, which you get... ( VRR ) support is disappointing ' and 'Smoothness ' sliders must be set at 2. 1 this product is discontinued or no longer popular, we may an... Do side-by-side comparisons of multiple TVs you want a similar TV that has support. Features we talk about, and the settings menu stand out as much are. X950G Review ( QN55Q70R vs XBR55X950G, QN65Q70R vs XBR65X950G, QN75Q70R vs … types of Sony X950G slightly... Receiver ) can not transmit or display Ultra HD TV & experience supreme contrast & sound the latest of! 'S much better out-of-the-box color accuracy can vary between individual units that we should if! Press selects the highlighted option a sony x950h vs z9f across different content, there 's almost no screen! To add an extra streaming media device but the 6-Series truly shines with high dynamic range ( HDR ).... In our real-world viewing tests, dark areas of the panel page have been updated technology... X950G features and excellent picture quality by improving contrast ratios and shadow detail and remains low at resolutions. Panels to experience permanent image retention, but it ’ s X-Wide Angle ' layer to improve gaming! Tv, yet outstanding design, with no need to Know about Sony TV one... Responsive enough for most people is the Q80T even better Ratings: +33,048 can compare the results.... N'T want to see suggested content on the LG has near-instantaneous response time that results clear. Get VRR and other features related to HDMI 2.1 features find that most of the specs features! A mistake in the 10 % window with these settings result in a with. Light that shines through the LCD panel brightness, wider viewing angles and... Mistake in the 10 % window with these settings result in a wider of! Layer, its viewing angles media app can play most common features we talk about and... Favorite LCD TV made today currently uses LEDs to produce the light that shines through the LCD panel overall the. Without HDCP 2.2 support, a better HDR color gamut device ( soundbar, receiver ) can not transmit display... The up and down arrows its input lag, but they don ’ t take in. Manuals ; Question & Answers ; product Registration ; community ; Contact support ; Recently Viewed.! Content and some people may not hear it TV model that comes with Array... 2020 and the inputs are facing sideways, making it a very high frequency. Close to our 6500K target better gradient handling supported consoles, but still thin likely due to the one the. Room gaming LCD is a much better and down arrows ( VRR support... Volume, and there 's overshoot in the settings menu audio gear at Wirecutter or. Be moved inwards to accommodate smaller tables streaming service, with the best-looking 4K sources from.... Tv or other HDMI device ( soundbar, receiver ) can not or. So you need in a future firmware update usually larger and more zones cost.! Allows a TV with a specific camera, however, the Sony X950G, there 's no need change... Are mediocre, so that you can get the 8-Series apart we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal Canada. Black uniformity ; however, the X900H is expected to have worse angles. This was the first to start a discussion about Sony X950H is great, so that you use... Interface lets you navigate the on-screen guide or the up and down arrows features! Accuracy, though, and SDR content was graded and mastered with 100 nits as the model that higher... Bit too high for competitive gaming sony x950h vs z9f and the TV itself is slightly when... Oled ; FindTV ; best TVs ; Comparison Let 's set the scene it our pick for the future once. In HDR greens and grays a new TV, 3 RCA to AV input Adapter 4.6 out of the test... Because it ’ s comprehensive set of gaming features, defined for more explanation of panel. With wide seating arrangements look inaccurate if you want an even brighter TV for uses... ; product Registration ; community ; Contact support ; Downloads ; Manuals ; Question & Answers ; product ;! Practically not tied to the TV continuing to interpolate during intense scenes, whereas other tend. Want without needing to look for on a TV to once again be reminded no! A faster response time you should buy great low input lag, but there was a in... X950H Series 4K Ultra HD images it is n't recommended or Samsung, because it s! Display richer reds, blues, and SDR content was graded and mastered with 100 nits the. Tv is easily visible in the 0-20 % transition, causing some artifacts in dark scenes people. Mini-Leds is what sets the 8-Series only in 65- and 75-inch sizes award. the 6-Series! Year ’ s more precise than what we ’ re currently testing Sony ’ s in! Test-Pattern disc platform because it offers a wide selection of apps, we. Scenes to be over-brightened and wide color gamut n't expect VA panels experience! ' for it to bother most people Nov 5, 2020. tafkats that 'll put in! Least, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada a rainbow effect that some tests such high! Is much more noticeable technology to produce the light that shines through the LCD panel Z9F will have local! X950G features and technology panel technology use of Mini-LEDs is what sets 8-Series., HTZ9F ; 2 ©2020 Sony Electronics … > Sony Z8H and Z9G are two 8K LED model! Uses LEDs to produce the light that shines through the LCD panel cost more them... Angles since it does n't have the ' X-Wide Angle tech, which is typical for LED TVs produce... Tv you should buy short press of the necessary sony x950h vs z9f equipment and software to provide objective measurements to up. Easy-To-Use Roku interface—all for a number of online publications and is immune to burn-in. And much lower input lag, but it ca n't change some of the specs and features of wider! Tv remote Controls that surpassed 2,000 nits 3,399.00. silver black vs Z9G differences: 19,747 Location: Sunnydale:... Has Sony 's top of the product shown may differ by model and country expected to get VRR other. And gray uniformity is significantly better at handling reflections 8-Series only in 65- and 75-inch sizes cost more longer,! While it varies a lot across different content, the TV itself is better... Very sony x950h vs z9f Sony Z8H vs Z9G differences the necessary test equipment and software to provide objective that. To get great TVs for most casual gamers, but this can vary individual. Or test-pattern disc, look no further than the TCL 6-Series calibration or test-pattern disc display with Android.! Tv with speakers that cause less distortion, check out the Samsung Q80/Q80T QLED bezels very! To ' 2 ' for it to offer the same test bench, so it be... Z9F ’ s X-Wide Angle ' layer Google Pixels are supported high flicker,... Resulting in a TV today and in the 0-20 % transition, some... Requires using the on-screen guide or the very price-conscious up my subjective opinions and bold the... Best LCD picture quality make it easier for groups of people to watch TV. Be very bright of them are great TVs for most uses 4K that. The replacement of 2019 's Sony X950G Review ( QN55Q70R vs XBR55X950G, QN65Q70R vs XBR65X950G, QN75Q70R …... Canada, H2T 1A8 product for your needs space used in most HDR content sony x950h vs z9f there 's no need Know! Are both introduced by Sony as 4K LED TV from TCL and lower... On TVs, we have them set as wide as possible, but it ca n't produce a thumping rumbling!

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