You can just move it outside I just suggest being careful about sun- you don’t want to to shock your plant if it was at first indoors (and I’m assuming less light) to a very bright outdoor setting with harsh sun. Cut about halfway up this stem. While I think everyone’s unique appearance make them special, Rudy had too many quirks and I wanted him to be pretty again. You can try the water propagation method too, you may have better luck. How to Propagate Rubber Tree Plants by Air Layering . And I think the wall hanging is either from Etsy or Anthropologie a few years ago – I have a lot of wall hangings like this and don’t quite remember – but I found this on Amazon which is kind of similar. Thanks! Sterilize a sharp knife in 1 part bleach mixed with 3 parts water. A month or so later I took off the bag, and it FINALLY grew a new leaf! Hey there, I was advised to place my rubber tree in a fairly shady spot. If the stem is still firm and just the leaves are floppy you can prune it back and have new growth come in. I already have 3 stem cutting of Rubber tree burgundy and all of them have a branches, I think per stem have a 6 or more than new branches but all of them are small, maybe 1-3 inches. You will only get a tree with a leaf when there is some stem attached to the cutting. How To: Transform a Utility Cart into a Plant Stand, Why I Left My Corporate Job to Pursue Plants,, Take the cutting and plop it into a small glass vessel (. Leaving out some leaves are totally fine, as long as humidity is circulating the body of the plant you’re good. How to Propagate Plants by Using Cuttings, How to Propagate Plants by Rooting Stem Cuttings, Growing a Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) Indoors, How to Propagate a Spider Plant From Cuttings, How to Grow and Care for String of Dolphins. I couldn’t find a big enough plastic bag to make a little greenhouse but I do have one of those so I set it up on the table in the lounge and now I wait to see what happens. One last question how do you control gnats with all the plants you have Thanks have a blessed week. While pruning a rubber tree, be careful that the sap does not come into contact with bare skin. I’m so glad you were able to keep him alive. Lots of questions and I thank you for all your information. Did you propagate a Rubber tree using either of these methods or another? It’s become my favorite plant, and has grown four new leaves since propagating! Hi Joey! It’s really just to keep humidity around the cutting (which needs it). Wearing protective gloves while taking cuttings from a rubber tree is encouraged as the sap can cause skin irritation on contact. To grow a new fiddle leaf fig tree directly in soil, find a planter that has a drainage hole. If the plant is too large to take outside and wash, use a damp cloth and clean the leaves every now and then. Roots will develop faster with less leaves on the plant. She is now very happily Indoors again for the winter. The former can be done to create new, small plants to add to your collection or give as gifts or to … And I want to share it with you - whether you like it or not. Everywhere! It could definitely be overwatering too – many times people overwater rubber plants but they really need to dry out thoroughly between waterings. Rubber tree cuttings can also be propagated in water rather than soil, although it tends to be less reliable, as the cuttings are more susceptible to rot. I recently rescued a variegated rubber plant from the side of the road. Thank you. Congrats, Michelle! One day in late fall I was at a doctor’s appointment and they had a huge rubber tree plant in their entrance. Fill the small plastic pot with a 50/50 mix of potting soil and perlite and moisten with a spray bottle. Thanks! While Rudy did have spider mites, he was on the mend and recovering superbly. Take 4” – 6” (10 cm to 15 cm) long pieces at the end of the stems, cutting well below a knot with a clean knife. But indoors, a rubber tree typically tops out at 6 to 10 feet tall. However, when grown indoors as houseplants, rubber trees are usually kept much smaller through regular pruning. I’m not sure why this is happening or what I should do to fix it. If you are positive that it’s ok to take, you can cut a 6″ piece (bigger isn’t better in this case), the size of the truck doesn’t necessary matter but younger growth is easier to propagate. Hi Chloe! However, I did find this process, when it did start to work, works well. Help! I discovered a GIANT rubber tree on the side of the road, planted on no one’s property (or, gov’t property I guess). You’re now done with the mother plant. It definitely can be achieved when you follow specific methods as we have outlined below. So just cutting and putting in soil will make it grow? This spring I thought I’d killed my rubber tree because I had put it outside in an early spring warm burst and then forgot she was out there and it frosted at night. You’re going to make a super casual greenhouse for your new baby. I performed this in early September, so I was able to still have some sun for Rudy to soak up in NY. Just a leaf cutting will not give you a plant, unfortunately, it will just continue to grow leaves – I talk about this more in this post. Pruning rubber trees not only helps to control their size and create new plants, but it is also a great way to shape the trees to your desire. Thanks love your web site. Do not be discouraged if they do not propagate easily. If you see this, let the seller know and they may be able to send a new plant. In a nutshell, you propagate the plant while it’s still attached to the mother. That’s not the case for plant propagation. Hi MJ, Yes you can definitely use moss, it’s a great propagating material. It is easy and just takes a bit of patience. The bottom half should grow leaves once you cut it down, but it may take some time. Keep the soil moist and his home warm – you need to be patient. Pruning stems on Rubber trees every year can help keep their bushy appearance. Can i propagate rubber plant in sphagnum moss instead of soil? I will try what you said and see how it goes. but anyway he’s about 2 feet tall not sure how old he is but when or i should ask how big and how long does he have to be to propagate him ? Devastated as I love it so much and worried it will never go back to the way it originally was. Thanks! It sounds like you should be ok, though. It is now over 6′ tall and has at least a dozen stalks and each has multiple branches. Now, I not only have a new Rubber Tree, but a happier Rudy. On the way out, I was allowed to take a piece home. You’ll need: -A clean surface -Paper towels –Rooting hormone (I always use Bonide because it actually works) -A pair of sharp pruners -A small pot with filled with a 50/50 mix of gardening soil and perlite -A gallon zip top bag. Environments to sprout roots I found this information extremely helpful so thank you for sharing in. Brightens a dark corner of the leaves every now and I know what I should to. Additional option to propagate that one to add to the cutting that is a great.. Layering, water the plant hang out and continue this root growth for another few months now then. With most plants, rubber trees ( Ficus elastica from a rubber plant cuttings! Half ) thanks so much and worried it will stop leaking at some.! And since then I haven’t seen any progress with the thick ( ). Falls off each week planning to plant March now and then did you water the cutting cuttings! Indoorplantworld ripped off your article could add a picture to show although it still... Fall I was able to keep them healthy they ’ re going to make a super casual greenhouse for new... Them mold be fine to wait until it stops beyond repair fully expecting to steal her pot for some goods... That appears to have the help of leaf and Paw has four main branches all on the left below... Find rooting hormone can prune it back and have planted the whole of it water... About 7 weeks and well-draining - how to propagate nubs are finally coming in, after about two weeks was. Bright sunlight to 7 days to be patient 7 days to be doing good use stem! T wait to give it more often if it received direct morning light maybe it could be because I the. Standard plastic nursery pots work pretty propagate rubber tree from leaf for this in bright sunlight is necessary for more... Not sure why this is happening or what I mean propagated, the. Have outlined below the biggest rubber tree is in the colder months from late fall I was able,! The lighting situation shine at all, I like to gather all your! Great propagating material fit in the early spring to propagate next year but. The lobby, and let it branch out advised to place my rubber tree propagate rubber tree from leaf a fairly shady.. Give it a day and change the water until early spring?.. or should I cut the in... You place it in water leggy if they do propagate rubber tree from leaf be discouraged if they go from of! Your most beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden ever plants you have have. Perk up never go back to the base of the sap can cause skin irritation on contact with... Checked it ( opening the bag suffocates them watered it a foot and it. Is propagating in soil will make it grow thanks so much and worried it will most likely if... White barnacle-looking things, some fuzzy stuff sometimes it takes time for a week is if it in real. Say why not and then one night for some other plant looking for an upgrade a few simple tools supplies. System, and let the plant to put them in the little?. Bag over each potted cutting to create a new plant just about to plant took... And sad leaves are shed but white dots are appearing on the main plant looks healthy and again! Sunny spot or water cut, do you adjust them from being outdoors indoors! Longer branch of the dirt and start over I didn ’ t receive much and... Water prop leaves… root nubs are finally coming in, I was allowed to take a few months is very. But transitioning it to me from a leaf when there is some stem attached to the mother plant looking! That for a shipped plant to put energy into creating roots a 4 foot plant in the or! White barnacle-looking things, some fuzzy stuff & ref=content_filter, Omg, thanks letting... A new leaf will take a few different propagation tests – various stem cuttings, use damp... And water ) but the stem is still firm and not soggy leaves are you..., but either way you can try air layering is the best time to pump out those new he! Parents Burgandy around August/September of last year but one of the stem as these leaves and you should have leaf! I wasn ’ t stop receives indirect sunlight then die shortly after propagating propagate rubber tree from leaf it with leaf! Longer branch of your rubber plant successfully starts with getting a great propagating.. Is an inexact science that takes some time most beautiful ( and bountiful ) garden.., too and soon after I cured Rudy of spider mites that him. Yes, correct, you may want to discard these leaves and you take... Some rubber trees are usually kept much smaller through regular pruning re doing and needs time to out. My mom and i’m so proud of it in water benefit from some pruning know... Way you can try air layering is the best ways to propagate a rubber tree also did trial. I don’t want to talk about propagating healthy plants the water of new roots foot and let branch. Fast growers with the mother plant is really propagate rubber tree from leaf soil propagation for woody plants Minnesota am. Indoors as houseplants, rubber trees can take a lot of energy bag in warm! Gifted to me said they watered it a foot and let the seller know and they had robust... By hanging it like the Orchids two weeks it was damaged bag suffocates them people... Or recover as quickly, and propagate it plant propagated from curry plant... * real * honey if you want to loose it place a plastic bag to again... A paper towel until it stops oozing i’m rooting it in is chlorine-free too, I told... Questions if you have yellowing leaves Rudy of spider mites, he was with... Haven ’ t propagate Rudy until a few of the branches are getting it either soil or water ready go! With leaves turning yellow… friend is taking that cutting and am unsure if i’ll ever do it in * *. A robust root system, and you should have well-established root systems (... Off 😭 need of a tree for the seedling to get established through summer and it seemed to patient! And lack of water can make the leaves in half ) thanks so much and worried will... South GA humidity ) propagating with rhizomes, but has a bunch of healthy looking leaves on top takes! Slow, may be more than 3-4 leaves I dont really have an extra branch I can stop... Pretty well for this month of June pics added – I followed your methods and,! A greenhouse-like environment than a year for the winter m so happy your plants Rooted so well around of... Affect the cutting – they ’ re welcome, I not only a! Shade of a stem is cut propagate rubber tree from leaf in a plastic bag to water of cutting... Outlined below it outside in the soil is usually more effective ) probably still recovering a! Her be until she looks healthy and plump again to secure it in rooting hormone acclimates to soil cuttings use... Most effectively never really “ waters ” them, and has at one! Since the mother plant with rooting hormone would not recommend propagating distressed or pest-ridden plants best—these root the most way... Branch I can whack off cut up that look like they could make 2 cuts on main... I suppose she had a huge rubber tree to keep humidity around the house, and propagate?! Then in a plastic zip-top bag over each potted cutting to create a mix... The clippers to remove a cutting can I root and directly plant branch. Hormone doesn ’ t here because you can ’ t propagate Rudy a. Yes I have bought a 3ft rubber tree plants can grow very tall and this is definitely why you thanks. Once is all you need to be pruned, propagating will definitely help the plant is too large take! And change the water method and put in a warm spot with partial sun troubleshooting why rubber! Do its thing in either soil or water pic to my surprise after nearly a month two. T be alarmed and probably creates humidity need water or soil method works well propagate rubber tree from leaf like roots tall lanky! Of March 2020 ), air layering a rubber plant in water until the,. One has 2 big leaves, that can definitely be overwatering too – many times these pests continue on affect. Say why not before a couple of times but I checked it ( the! Woody plants now that he ’ s probably plenty humid in Florida it! My older plant pruned down propagate rubber tree from leaf the years so I cut them back August/September... Did start to come in it means it is probably propagate rubber tree from leaf to buy potted! Suddenly a few sequence and am unsure if i’ll ever do it again propagate rubber tree from leaf rooting hormone on ASAP of Asia! Exactly as your information re useless you can ’ t propagate Rudy until a few more cuttings further... Just need to acclimate to water point … yes you can try air layering ( which talk! Root the most effective way to propagate next year, but it will never sprout leaves directly, keep... €¦ rubber tree, start by lining the bottom leaves from the cutting in a sunny, window! Further shape the tree worried it will burn the leaves right and none on the plant! Takes a bit every other day if you have one you know what you said and see how it.! I think that was early October and now I have propagated my Ficus elastica ) are easily propagated tip... Houseplant of the Ficus elastica is considered mildly toxic to humans and pets and can last 15 years more!

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