That is until the 6th time I used it… I have a hilly yard, and it just died mowing up one of my hills. Hi Martin, I’m not a mechanic. Craftsman Bypass click on this link to read it. I plan on adding a “high-hitch” to back the boat and trailer into it’s parking spot from time to time. Here is the page. Now that my unit is out of warranty, if the transmission goes out again, I will not invest $1000 in another transmission. I don’t think my local Sears has a manual in stock, but I’m sure they could get one. If you don’t need a v-twin the 25081 has plenty of power for normal mowing, bagging and mulching. This would mean higher speed and less torque from the CVT. He has offered me a deal on a new unsold machine and my question is were transmissions failures common on this machine in this year? I would strongly suggest you take a look at how you transport and store your fuel. 3.5 out of 5 stars 34 ratings. I can not find a model # or serial # on the mower. General Transmissions Service. Second, the reverse is more on/off. I got it for the sale price of 1899 then 10% off that, so I thought it was a fair price with the 18 months zero % to pay it off. @Rudy, Over the years I have had quite a few hydrostatics that make noise. Just put in the model number from under your seat and diagrams and parts lists will pop up. The Craftsman 20391 and the YTA24V48 are pretty much the same tractor. $37.25. Regular oil won’t work. Click here: Trans linkage. Paul I’m debating between the Husqvarna YTA22V46 and YTH22V46. St Louis , Mo I had a craftsman lawn tractor 917272082, 17 hp, automatic which went shot craps after 15 years. The scenario is repeated even with a replaced belt. The CVT is the variable belt/pulley on the top, outside of the trans. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Craftsman sold about 2500 units. Which would you prefer or would I get more bang for the buck. Thank you so much for your reply. Here is my article on the tractors that will. Buy Caltric Deck Drive Belt for Husqvarna Yt48Cs Yta24V48 Yth1848 Yth23V48 Yth2348 Yth2448: Lawn Mower Replacement Parts - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases It’s not even May and we’ve already had over a dozens deaths from roll overs. This is for a flat yard in FL and all I will really do with it is mow and bag the grass. Yes, I really expect you to get one that works. In the automotive field CVT trans are not well regarded, kinda like a Volvo IPS sterndrive in a boat. I escalated the issue up to the head manager at the JD call center and they won’t replace the CVT. (The dealers usually have finance offers on the 300 and higher series) For Sears the price can be less. The aerator is homemade and pokes 1 0r 2 inch holes. Boston MA–When will the CVT transmissions replace the Craftsman Hydrostatic? There are no service manuals available for most lawn and garden products and Sears has never made a repair manual that shows you where all the parts fit together. Belt slipping? Husqvarna YTA24V48 Pdf User Manuals. It is designed to mow lawns period. Hi, paul Thanks for your post and all the information you share with others. I have a relatively flat yard that easily meet the terrain specs for the unit. Most repair shops will not work on residential hydro’s. Forward sounds perfectly normal to me. Huey @ Ozark, Alabama To: L. Reid Benedict. You can then go to their website to get parts. I have the T3200… you are on point in all your responses.. the thing is light and looses traction easily. The brake is not required to slow the machine, but I have been slow to release the brake while pushing the speed control foot pedal, one can feel the quite the unit snap into it’s drive mode, can that cause damage? When you stated the tractor had the RT400 I knew that had to be wrong. I bought the Craftsman T 3000 in April 2014. Today’s automatic transmissions in Craftsman Yard Tractors are ideal for any type of terrain. 1. I have a husqvarna YTA22V46 with 80 hours on it — transmission is broken — my father has a husqvarna YTH22V46 that he has worn out but the transmission is in good shape — my question is can the YTH22V46 transmission be removed and installed in the YTA22V46 that is still in good shape except for the junk transmission that it came with ? I wish I had found you forum before I picked it up, would have saved me some diesel, you are very informative. For as sis tance, there is a belt installation guide decal on bottom side of left footrest.